Best Camera Drones Under $500 - Top Value For Money [2020]

The word drones hold a simple meaning as an unknown aerial vehicle or could be called the unmanned aircraft systems that can be controlled by an individual with the use of a remote. In more simple words, we can say that the drones are like a flying robot which is made worked through software-controlled flight plans. There various kinds of drones available in the market with the variations in their prices as they hold different drone reviews. The drones are of even small and large sizes with the technology they are made with. The drones serve you to capture the pictures or images along with the videos you require. Best known for the art in aerial photography, there are some drones mentioned below :

Four best drones to use

The drones come with different properties to serve and accomplish to fulfil the needs of using it. As mentioned, drones are of various kinds with their different features. The drones possibly allow you to make aerial photography easy with their different functions. But still, there are a few drones to be mentioned for a better understanding as to what can be the reasons for the different drone reviews.

Parrot Bebop 2

The Parrot Bebop 2 is a drone of mid-range as it camera uses fisheye lens, and software for stabilization that removes the need of a gimbal which is combined with the construction of the chassis, therefore reducing the vibration in flight which results in the video footage that is complete of judder free. If you want to take the Bebop to the necyt level, you can spend money to purchase the optional flight controller along with the headset of FPV. By this, you can easily connect your mobile device which offers you better flight controls. The parrot has some of the more amazing features as the planning of the route and the function of following me.

DJI Inspire 2

It is one of the most impressive drones. It consists of a very sleek metal composite bodywork, which makes it much more attractive. Also with the much more advanced object avoiding technology and Can I get Any DJI Drones under $500 Budget?. It comes with a twin battery system and can swap the camera lenses on which the professional videographers and the photographers have complete control over the images along with the video. This drone also comes with the setting of connecting it to a smartphone app and make the remote controlling more active and easy to use.

ZeroTech Dobby

is one of the smallest form of the drone featured in the list of the different drone reviews and also the cheapest one at the same time. even after being the smallest, surprisingly it is considered a powerful kit. It is known to be a selfie drone kit that is small enough to fit in your bag which could be one advantage of this drone for people to use. It fives an impressive kind of performance and can be controlled with a smartphone application. it comes with the features of the orbital moves, the features of the object tracking and even includes the facial recognition which is there as a standard feature. Its audio and visual sensors are fixed and good to use which easily performs the take-offs and landings. It a drone that can be used indoor also.

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Snapchat – A New Messaging Platform To Try Funny Filters & Emojis

Snapchat is the new multimedia technology that helps its users as a messaging platform. It also has a camera that clicks photos along with a new look for your face like dog’s ears, dog’s tongue, cat’s voice, and the list go on. It is the best application to have fun with our friends during the hangout. The number of people using Snapchat increased to 180 million and it is the trending application among youngsters.

History of Snapchat:

Snapchat was released in the year 2011 as an IOS application by a bunch of Stanford University students Reggie Brown, Bobby Murphy, and Evan Spiegel. The idea of creation is simple and followed still today. On the company’s first blog, Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel clearly mentioned that it is not the traditional camera capturing application. It is about communicating human emotions with filters, lenses, stickers, and Emojis.  It is the only application that offers emojis, which is basically an animated version of us. It offers virtual stickers to chat with our friends and family. Many augmented reality objects are included in this platform are available in this application.

How to download and install Snapchat:

Snapchat is available in mobile phones with android and IOS versions from Google play store and Apple’s app store. You can easily download and install with the following steps.

Snapchat on Android:

  • You can download Snapchat in the android phone from Google play store. The first step is to find and open the Google play store on your android phone.
  • Type Snapchat in the search bar and enter.
  • You will get a list of Snapchat related applications. Find the original logo in the list and click on it.
  • It opens into an official Snapchat play store page, where you can find its features, number of users downloaded, reviews and memory.
  • You can also find an “INSTALL” option on the page. Click and allow for permissions asked.
  • Your download gets started and the application will be installed shortly in the device.

Snapchat on iPhone:

  • Snapchat can be downloaded on an iPhone by opening the iPhone’s app store.
  • On the top of your mobile screen, you can find “SEARCH”
  • Type as Snapchat and give search.
  • You will get the official Snapchat login screen. Select “GET” and in the next step click on “INSTALL” button to install the application.
  • For every purchase, sign-in is required. Input your password to sign in and the application will be installed on your iPhone shortly.

Getting into Snapchat:

After installing the application you need to sign up to create your Snapchat account.

  • Details like username, email id, password, and other details are asked to create an account.
  • After sign up, you need to verify your account by clicking on the verification link sent to your email id.
  • Once your account has been verified successfully, you shall log in with username/email and password.
  • If you forget your password, you can click on the option called “FORGET PASSWORD”. They will send you an email regarding password change.

How to use Snapchat:

After logging in tour account, the front camera is opened with a list of filters beneath. You can scroll from left to right and vice versa to apply a filter for your face. You can click on the settings tab to edit your profile. You can sync the account and get connected to your friends. If you wish to connect to a celebrity’s account, you can type their Snapchat ID and follow them. Similarly, you can share your Snapchat ID with your friends and family to stay connected.

Exciting Snapchat filters and other features:

Everyday Snapchat comes with exciting filters. If there are any special occasions like Christmas, New Year and other regional festivals, Snapchat introduces exclusive filters regarding the same. You hate your boss. You can record him with funny faces and chipmunk voice. By the way, you should be ready to face aftereffects LOL. You can create stickers of your friends with dog’s ears and tongue. There is an option for you to create your own customized filters and stickers. You can find the Snap chatters around the world with a feature called Snapmap. Real-time conversations can be done with your friends by using customized stickers.

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Towards the Technological Advancement of the Trucking Industry

The trucking industry has become infamous for its lethargy in taking to modern technological advancements. But as for those who are prepared to take the bull by the horn by incorporating new technologies into their system, the harvest of such a step has been tremendous. When you visit any of the local trucking business office around you, what you will easily notice aside from the computer will be several file cabinets, a fax machine and perhaps a white board.

An average visitor might assume these items are the necessary equipment needed to pursue their job. Most transportation professionals also hold the same views with the assumption that: since they also have almost the same items in their own office, why should theirs look different? What they do not envisage is that trucking business should appear different.

Theirs should appear different because each of those office items have been converted into electronic tools in the digital age.

Hence, they have remained analog in an age that has become digitalized. Their insistence to retain those ancient equipment would only continue to encourage inefficiency.

For example, the fax machine has become obsolete with the advent of emails and document imaging. A good fax line costs $35/mo in addition to the long distance which can be another $35/mo. This tabulates into a total of about $70/mo or $840/yr.

Document imaging is a feature on most of the new model fax machines which also functions as printers, yet are to be bought with a scanner for $300 or less. The use of email is free while online fax accounts are fifteen dollars/mo with free long distance. Even when it becomes requisite that you have a scanner, using emails and document imaging saves $360 within the first year alone, then it would save $660 in each year that follows.

Yet, this calculation does not include how much will be saved from using less papers! And yes, about the file cabinets. You see, if document imaging is implemented as hitherto described, the purposes for using file cabinets should drop by at least 90%.

Documents such as Driver DOT files and signed Bills of Lading can easily be scanned and saved.With this done, they would not only be reducing the number of file cabinets in use but would also have considerably reduced the amount of floor space occupied by the file cabinets.


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Saved documents

More money is also saved from not having to buy more cabinets to stock up the documents. Aside from the fact that money is saved, the major savings is reflected in the amount of energy expended searching for the documents or even filing it in.

locate in thr file

The storage of documents on computers makes them easier to locate.
You only need fifteen seconds to locate what might take you five minutes to locate in the file cabinets.

great production

That is a great reduction of labor for tasks that are often carried out repeatedly for more than twenty times each day at work.
The level of efficiency gained for document imaging is above 25% of the administrative time needed for clerical duties.

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That is a whole whopping sum of $2000-$4000 per employee on an annual basis!

So what happens to that white board? Do you assume that it cannot be replaced?

Well, you are wrong. There are trucking software with dispatching features that can take the place of the white board within a heartbeat.

The trucking software does not just have dispatch management ability, most of these software packages have much more to manage the rest of the business.

The software can also handle trucking specific features such as driver specific pay types and settlement, equipment management, IFTA reporting, and many more.

Some of these software even have inbuilt document imaging that allows scanned documents to be easily stored up within the software to enable easy access.

While white boards are efficient for tracking work done that day or week, they cannot provide information as regards work done months before that period.


The use of trucking software and other technologically advanced equipment...


You may also need to optimize disk drives by upgrading them...


People will work hard to reduce the waiting time and route times...

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Technological Advancement

You cannot also use them to determine which of your driver, customer or truck raked in the highest profits.
Yet this is an information which is worth a million dollars, especially as it can affect business positively.
You might have a customer who consumes 10% of your resources while contributing only 2% to the bottom line.
Terminating your contract with such a customer might increase net profits by 10% or more.
Now, do not say you do not need a 10% raise this year as this would leave me shocked!


Trucking Industry

In conclusion, the use of trucking software and other technologically advanced equipment will not only substitute older tools, it can also increase efficiency level.
It would also save lots of money that would have otherwise been expended on manual equipment and tools.
Even if you are dogmatic and hopelessly stuck in the past believing that the old broom knows the corners of the house best, why don't you take the leap of faith by trying out these digital tools?
As technology continues to advance, greater tools will be developed to help you save money and become more efficient in your business.

Masslogics Features and IFTA reporting!

What stops you from taking advantage of them?

If you need to improve your business and take advantage of these technological innovations, you can reach out to Masslogics. Masslogics offers web-based trucking software to medium sized and small trucking companies. Masslogics also offers features such as IFTA reporting, Document Imaging, the cell phone interface for drivers, and (just added recently) the Mobile Dispatch thereby offering enterprise level trucking software affordable for trucking companies.